Hire charges and subscriptions

No, you can also make payments via other online payment methods available in the app from time-to-time.

Before you can hire a bike you will need to register to use the scheme and Chartered Bike will create an account for you. Your payment will be a fully refundable wallet balance that can be used for all rides. Please note a minimum balance of Rs. 300 needs to be maintained in the account and hence you wont be able to rent a bike when the security deposit falls below Rs. 300.

No. Your credit will stay on your account unless you use it towards fares or a subscription fee, or cancel your customer account. If you’d like to cancel your subscription and have any remaining credit on your account refunded,please contact info@charteredbike.in or call 97272 47247.

The amount will be deducted from your wallet balance and any pending balance will be recovered before your next ride.

Chartered Bike may make additional charges in the following circumstances:

  • Collection fee if a bike is not left at, or next to, a Chartered Bike docking station: Rs. 200 collection fee plus Rs.50 per km travel costs, dependent upon the location
  • Damaged bike: Rs. 5000.

Please check the terms and conditions for more details.

Getting started and hiring a bike

Chartered bike is a public bike share scheme. The bikes make it easy and fun to get around Surat, with no worries about traffic or parking.The scheme will be operated by Chartered Bike Private Limited who has experience of managing bike share schemes in 3 cities in India.

You can hire a bike from any Chartered Bike docking station and return it to any of the official docking station across Surat.

Of course. You can hire up to two bikes simultaneously so you can enjoy a trip with family and friends.

Yes, just make sure you return the bike to an official Chartered Bike docking station when you’re finished. Please note bikes cannot be kept in use for more than 24 hours and to ensure this a penalty of Rs. 5000 may be charged

Use the Chartered Bike app

Here’s how you can hire a bike:

  1. Press ‘Rent a bike’ button on the app to open the camera;
  2. Scan the QR code on the bike and it will unlock;
  3. Pull the bike out of the dock and off you go!

For more information, visit How it works

There are three ways to register:

You can visit here to find your nearest chartered Bike station and see how many bikes are available. The docking stations are located throughout Surat and there are maps are on display at each docking station.
The Chartered Bike app also shows the locations of all the docking stations and availability. Download free from Google Play or App Store (iOS) .

Chartered Bike is designed for short-term hire, but you can keep the bike until 24 hours. Just remember, your account will continue to be charged until you return it to an official Chartered Bike docking station.The maximum charge is Rs.1050 in any 24-hour period (exclusive of applicable taxes).

Mobile app

The mobile app is available to download free from Google Play, or the App Store (iOS). Simply search for Chartered Bike.

You can try logging out or restarting the Chartered Bike app. Make sure you’ve turned on your GPS in your phone’s settings and log back into the app.

Faults and problems

Please check the bike before hiring to make sure there’s nothing obviously wrong. If you do find a fault after renting a bike, you can return to the same station within three minutes without being charged. If you experience a fault after this time, please call the customer service team on 97272 47247 for assistance. The operator may ask you to return to the nearest station or lock the bike securely nearby. You can also report faults in the Chartered Bike app. The mobile app is free to download on Google Play or App Store (iOS).

Just give the Chartered Bike team a call on 97272 47247. They’re available for you. You can also email info@charteredbike.in.