Experience kolkata differently

Chartered Bike is the nation’s largest smart bike share program, with 500 bikes and 90 stations across Kolkata. It was designed for convenience, and it’s a fun way to get around town.


Become a member today by signing up on the website or app.


Use the Chartered Bike mobile app to get an unlock code.


Take as many short rides as you want with a membership or choose the pay-as-you-go.


Return your bike at any station, press ok on the on-board computer and wait for the green light.

How To Use App


"Chartered bikes are a boon for Kolkata. It makes my travel easy and I can book a few bikes for my kids every weekend during our free time. My children too enjoy riding your bikes."
-- Aarya Acharjee

“Your bikes are very comfortable to ride. Moreover during times of social distancing, it is even more crucial while commuting. I have recently rented a bike for the weekend and have been enjoying rides around the city. ”
-- Bijoy Adhikari

“Chartered bikes in Kolkata have just recently started. At an affordable pricing and subscription cost, this becomes an affordable way to maintain my health especially after being inactive during the lockdown. ”
-- Monojit Basak