Experience Bhopal differently

Chartered Bike is the nation’s largest smart bike share program, with 500 bikes and 90 stations across Bhopal. It was designed for convenience, and it’s a fun way to get around town.


Become a member today by signing up on the website or app.


Use the Chartered Bike mobile app to get an unlock code.


Take as many short rides as you want with a membership or choose the pay-as-you-go.


Return your bike at any station, press ok on the on-board computer and wait for the green light.


"I am riding Chartered Bike ever since it started.
I am using this service for my health and also to visit nearby Destinations.
I really enjoy cycling since childhood and riding Chartered Bike makes me really happy."
-- Charu Uphadhyay

“I am riding Chartered bikes regularly, its a fabulous program!!! ”
-- Satyam Rawat