How Chartered Bike works


Open the Chartered Bike app and scan the QR code at the bike


Take as many short rides as you want with a daily, monthly or yearly subscription


Return your bike at any station and lock the bike. The rental will end automatically

Why Choose Us

Experience Ranchi in a whole new way.

Chartered bike in India’s first smart bike share scheme with 500 bikes and 50 stations across the city.

It’s the most fun way to view the city. It will not only save you time by not being stuck in the terrible traffic but also help you get more exercise and help the environment on the way.

Try our App

Find a chartered bike, get on it and off you go: any time of the day, with your smartphone. All you need is the chartered bike app, which will show you all available bikes and stations. To rent a bike, enter the bike number or scan the QR code.

Everything at a glance: manage your account, redeem vouchers, give feedback or contact our customer service team directly. To return your chartered bike, simply select the station or retrieve the location via GPS.

Popular Location

A fun and affordable way to get around town

Daily Pass

Perfect for visitors and tourists.

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Annual Membership

Best for Ranchi citizens

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"I am riding Chartered Bike ever since it started.
I am using this service for my health and also to visit nearby Destinations.
I really enjoy cycling since childhood and riding Chartered Bike makes me really happy."
-- Charu Uphadhyay

“I am riding Chartered bikes regularly, its a fabulous program!!! ”
-- Satyam Rawat